Managed virtual server with DDoS protection (6-month subscription)

Managed virtual server with DDoS protection (6-month subscription)
Managed virtual server with DDoS protection (6-month subscription)

Fully maintained, high security OpenBSD virtual server with DDoS protection. Includes DNS service for one domain.

550,00 €
Including VAT. 24.00 %
This is a demonstration product.

OpenBSD is considered to be the most secure, extremely stable and trustworthy operating system, especially well suited as a platform for web sites, e-mail boxes and other Internet services that require high security.

In addition to being highly secure, our maintained VPS are also extremely stable: downtime is very rare.

Full maintenance means that you do not have to worry about installing, configuring or updating the operating system nor the server software -- we will handle it all for you.

Our DDoS protected virtual server service package includes:

  • VPS rent and full maintenance for 6 months
  • Installation, configuration and optimization of OpenBSD
  • Installation, configuration and optimization of Nginx and an SQL server
  • Installation and configuration of WordPress or other CMS of your choice
  • Installation, configuration and optimization of SMTP and POP/IMAP daemons
  • Browser based e-mail client
  • SSL certificate (Let's Encrypt)
  • Firewall configuration and optimization
  • Registering and DDoS protected DNS service for one domain name

VPS technical details:

  • CPU cores: 3 pcs
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • hard drive: 180 GB, with SSD cache
  • network connection: 1 Gbps (DDoS protected)
  • IP addresses: 1 pcs IPv4, 1 pcs IPv6
  • physical location: France

Questions and answers:

Q: Will you handle transferring my old web site and/or e-mail addresses to the new server?

A: Yes, assuming the pages have been created using techniques that work with Nginx and MariaDB or PostgreSQL:

Q: Is PHP available on the server?

A: Yes, latest version of PHP and the required add-ons are available.

Q: What services can be installed on the server?

A: Virtually anything: in addition to web pages and e-mail addresses the server is very well suited for IRC services, any Node.JS based service, etc.

Q: Can I log into the server using SSH?

A: Yes, but we will reserve root permissions to ourselves in order to guarantee stability and security of the server.

Contact us for further details:, or +358-404-177133 (WhatsApp only!)