Hidden camera & lens detector BugHunter dVideo

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Hidden camera & lens detector BugHunter dVideo
Hidden camera & lens detector BugHunter dVideo Hidden camera & lens detector BugHunter dVideo Hidden camera & lens detector BugHunter dVideo

Reveals hidden cameras and lenses

290,00 €
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BugHunter dVideo is a professional gadget for revealing hidden cameras and other hidden lenses.

BugHunter dVideo is small and portable -- you can easily take it anywhere with you: car, hotel, conference room, etc. 

When used correctly, you will be able to detect any hidden camera -- even ones mounted and hidden by professionals.

Main features:

  • Search of any camera lens at 5-20 meter distance. Other camera detectors work at the distance of 2-8 meters. Enlarged detection range of this model results from using the super-bright emitters of red spectrum (280 Cd) in design, so the detection range is extended 2.5 times compared to similar devices.
  • Extended service life. As current-limiting resistors are used, the backlight LED’s won't be damaged rapidly and light emitters will be in good condition for years.
  • 5 operating modes (adjustable frequency of flashes). While searching, it must be noted that the result of searching depends largely on the ambient light. It’s the reason for providing the possibility to adjust the frequency of flashes according to how it’s noticable to your eyes to detect the light reflected from hidden camera lens. In dark rooms it’s recommended to adjust the minimum frequency of flashes, in bright rooms, on the contrary, use the maximum. Switching between different modes is performed by using ON/OFF button on the back of the device; the selected mode is highlighted.
  • Additional subsystem of searching near-field hidden cameras. There are 4 green LEDs on the front of BugHunter Dvideo camera detector. These LEDs serve as additional backlight and make it possible to detect near-field hidden cameras more effectively. This function is unique.
  • Battery charge indication and thermal overload protection. The battery charge level is indicated as a number of lighted LEDs on the back of the device. Thus, you always know  when it's time to start charging the built-in battery. Battery charging is protected from thermal overload which prolongs the its life span.
  • Made in Russia. This device has been fully developed by the staff of i4 Technology using only highest-quality components and materials.

Products details:

  • Product name: BugHunter dVideo
  • Power supply: built-in Ni-MH battery or mains via AC/DC adaptor  
  • Input current, mA, max: 350
  • Battery life, hours, min: 2
  • Battery charging time, hours, max: 8
  • Operation modes (frequency of flashes): 5
  • Detection range, max: 5-20 m (16-65 ft)
  • Operating temperature range: from -40°C to +55°C
  • Weight with batteries: 90 g (3.1 oz)
  • Dimensions: 92 x 58 x 24 mm (3.6 x 2.3 x 0.9 in)

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