Microphone suppressor BugHunter dAudio BDA-2

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Microphone suppressor BugHunter dAudio BDA-2
Microphone suppressor BugHunter dAudio BDA-2 Microphone suppressor BugHunter dAudio BDA-2 Microphone suppressor BugHunter dAudio BDA-2

Prevents microphones from working within a radius of 2-7 meters

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BDA-2 Hidden microphone suppressor

  • Ultrasonic exposure + voice imitation = 100% suppression
  • 5 ultrasonic transducers and powerful speaker
  • Absolutely soundless operation possible
  • Suppression range up to 7 m (23 ft), super effective - 2 m (7 ft)
  • Very powerful emission - up to 120 dB
  • External speakers plug in capability for big rooms
  • Detailed English manual included

The device is designed to protect conversation areas from eavesdropping. Device blocks wireless microphones, tape recorders, hard-wired microphones and most of professional digital voice recorders including recorders installed in mobile phones (smartphones). Ultrasonic inaudible noise signal, as well as acoustic speech-like noise signal, are used in jamming the eavesdropping devices.


The device should be placed directing transducers towards possible location of eavesdropping devices (tape and digital recorders, microphones, "bugs" etc.), for example, toward the new visitors or clients. The optimal distance from transducers to microphone of the eavesdropping device is up to 2 meters (7 feet). Then switch ON the device and adjust the volume of the acoustic speech-like signal so that you can still hear the person you are talking to. You should hold conversation in a low voice but so that you hear each other well without repeating every word. Use TURBO mode for more effective jamming of the microphones.

Do not switch on the acoustic speech-like signal when you want the device to be hidden. Note that this would somewhat reduce the effectiveness of the device (the manufacturer cannot guarantee that if you use ultrasonic signal only the device would jam all voice recorders).

To effectively expose the acoustic speech-like signal in large rooms, it is recommended to connect the device to external speakers (e.g. computer) through an ad hoc jack. This will protect the large conversation area from eavesdropping, as well as eliminate the chance of eavesdropping by external directed microphones (such as laser).

Package contents:

  • Microphone, bug and voice recorder suppressor "BugHunter dAudio BDA-2" with five ultrasonic transducers and acoustic silencer.
  • External power supply adapter (battery charger) 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Protective carrying case
  • User Manual in English
  • Quality checklist

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