DeepSpar PCIe SSD Add-on (for DS-4000)

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DeepSpar PCIe SSD Add-on (for DS-4000)
DeepSpar PCIe SSD Add-on (for DS-4000)

Allows DS-4000 to recover problematic PCIe SSDs, including M.2 M Key, 2013+ Macbook SSDs, and U.2.

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Delivery time 10 - 20 workdays

NVMe PCIe SSDs are currently the fastest growing storage device segment.  Due to a drastically different architecture, moving from SATA/IDE/SAS/SCSI/USB storage devices to NVMe PCIe means that everything changes on all communication layers, requiring all-new hardware and software.

The DeepSpar Disk Imager PCIe SSD Add-on is the world's first data recovery solution offering complete hardware and software control over the PCIe interface and NVMe + AHCI protocols, enabling key functionality which users have grown to expect from the DeepSpar Disk Imager product line, including multipass imaging with sector map, recovery of specific files/folders, read sector timeout, and more. 

PCIe SSD Add-on allows DeepSpar Disk Imager 4 users to:

  • Recover both NVMe and AHCI PCIe SSDs in read-only mode
  • Manually control the PCIe link speed
  • Manually control the number of PCIe lanes being used
  • Send various types of PCIe-level and Protocol-level resets upon read timeout or read error
  • Repower the PCIe SSD and seamlessly continue imaging if resets are insufficient
  • Use different ways to retry accessing data on unretrieved blocks
  • Support all types of PCIe SSDs, including M.2, Macbook, and U.2

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