SpyShelter Firewall application firewall

SpyShelter Firewall application firewall
SpyShelter Firewall application firewall

Application firewall

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SpyShelter Firewall is an award winning anti-keylogger which was specifically designed to stop all spyware like keyloggers, webcam loggers, sound loggers and other malicious applications which endanger your privacy.

SpyShelter Firewall is a process-based solution capable of detecting zero-day malware, and it does not require malware signature database.

SpyShelter Firewall allows you to set strict limitations to how applications and individual processes can use the Windows API, peripheral devices, and other system resources.

SpyShelter Firewall protects you from Windows security vulnerabilities most users don't even know exist, such as

  • Unsolicited screen / desktop capturing
  • Monitoring clipboard changes and content
  • Logging all key presses and mouse movements
  • Spying the user through web camera and/or microphone

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