Wireless bug & GPS tracker detector BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert

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Wireless bug & GPS tracker detector BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert
Wireless bug & GPS tracker detector BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert Wireless bug & GPS tracker detector BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert Wireless bug & GPS tracker detector BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert

Locates wireless bugs and other sources of radio frequency radiation

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BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert

BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert is an easy to use detector for very fast search of spy devices in frequency range from 10 to 3500 MHz. Detects digital and analog bugs simultaneously without settings and switching to different operating modes. Reduces statics from cell phone towers. Informative OLED-monitor displays all the necessary data and allows being in complete control of the situation at any time.

The device is designed for experts in the field of industrial, political and business counter-intelligence activities, it makes their job quicker and more efficient. Besides, it suits those who are not tech-savvy because its operation is very comprehensive, one can search 'bugs' with one touch! It is very handy and convenient with a weight of only 110 grams (3.9 oz).

Key features:

  • Built-in frequency meter automatically detects and displays an operating frequency of the detected bug. It allows BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert to quickly identify the type of the bug and its location in the room. The system recognizes all the most common frequencies:

  • GPRS, EDGE, 3G\4G (cellular communication and data transmitting)
  • DECT (cell phones and radio modules of DECT standard)
  • DECT BASE (base stations of DECT standard)
  • BLUETOOTH (radio modules of BLUETOOTH standard)
  • WLAN (wireless network such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee, LoRA etc.)
  • Updated noise filtering system. Due to built-in frequency meter the device automatically determines which filters should be enabled for more effective 'bug' detecting in a certain location, and display the corresponding information on the screen.

Main advantages:

  1. Fast search bugs at a touch. BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert – one of the most technically advanced and fast detectors. It can find a 'bug' in just a few seconds!

  2. Detection of digital and analog bugs simultaneously without settings and switching to different operating modes. The detector has advanced quick-operating microprocessor to detect even modern bugs (for example those transmitting data by short pulses and invisible for most other anti-spy bug detectors). It’s also important that the device can “see” digital and analog 'bugs' at the same time.

  3. Unique built-in GSM, 3G, 4G, CDMA, Wi-Fi, GPS filter. If the environment has some sort of extraneous background frequencies that interfere to search – just filter them out. 

  4. Visual multicolor OLED-display which shows all the necessary information: type or frequency of the received signal (analog and digital at the same time). It allows being in complete control of the situation at any time.

  5. Coverage of the entire frequency range used by the most wireless "bugs": from 10 to 3500 MHz.

  6. Registration of high dynamic range (70 dB). For example BugHunter BH-02 which holds a leading position among similar devices for wide dynamic range and is considered one of the most efficient and sensitive has only 48 dB. The higher the dynamic range is, the better is the detection of devices with very high and very low power radio transmissions. This is very important in difficult conditions when there are both powerful signal sources (cellular phones) and weak signal sources (almost all types of bugs). Detector with high dynamic range will not read off scale and will find hidden bugs against a backdrop of cellular signal.

Detects almost any spy device:

  • wireless bugs

  • cell phones and radios in operation

  • wireless microphones

  • wireless videocams

  • cell phone jammers

  • GPS transmitters

Device advantages compared to competing products:

  • Exact match of stated parameters

  • Equally high sensitivity throughout claimed frequency range.  Extended dynamic range

  • Both analog and digital wireless "bug" detection (short pulses)!

  • Automatic adjustment of background radiation levels

  • Extended operating temperature range

  • Headphones connection for implicit warnings of wireless "Bugs"

  • Advanced power saving features (increased operational duration)

  • Low battery power indicator. Has a function of automatic cutoff to save energy

  • Self-diagnostics.

Main modes of operation:

  • Search. It is enabled by default. OLED-display shows graphics of signal levels: maximum values and averaged values for 3 seconds and 45 seconds (in the form of three separate blocks of 15 seconds). Digital "bugs" can be found in the chart of maximum values, and analog "bugs" appear in the chart of averaged values.
  • Security. Turn on "Security" mode if you need to have constant control of the situation, during negotiations for example. The device keeps scanning the space in this mode. It will alarm you if any wireless “bug” or hidden transmitting cell phone appears.

Sound modes:

  • Feedback. "Feedback" mode is used for searching hidden microphones (wireless "bugs") operating in analog mode. This allows the wireless "bug" to capture the sound emitted by the device, and broadcast it. The radio signal is detected and increased by the device, so the circle closes up – and the device produces a characteristic "whistle." “Feedback” mode is the most accurate method of "bug" detection, it reduces search time.
  • Acoustic indication. In this mode graphic indication is complemented by acoustic indication. A speaker emits sound signals and their frequency inform about power of detected devices (more often the sound, the higher power).
  • Mute. This is excellent operating mode for those who do not want to draw attention. All sound signals are turned off, including the sound of setting up and pressing the keys. However, in this mode you can also conduct a search, without looking at the screen by setting on vibration signal.


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Products details
BugHunter BH-03 Expert


105 x 58 x 18,5 mm (4 x 2.3 x 0.7 in)

Device weight with batteries

110 g (3.9 oz)

Power consumption, W
Frequency range, MHz
Sensitivity, mV / m
Dynamic range, dB, up to
Detectior range efective

5 m (16 ft)

Detection range in guard mode

50 m (164 ft)

DC supply voltage
two batteries AAA type (charge from the 110V/220V main via adapter)
Battery life
- Up to 400 hours for regular battery
- Up to 500 hours for rechargeable battery

Package contents:

  • Detector BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert

  • Two AAA type rechargeable batteries

  • 110V/220V Adapter

  • Cable

  • Headphones

  • User manual

  • Warranty card

  • Packaging