DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems
DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems is an Ottawa, Canada-based company dedicated to providing "serious gear for data recovery professionals."
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3 100,00 €

IDE/SATA Hard Drive imaging tool.

4 830,00 €

SAS Hard Drive imaging tool.

380,00 €

Allows the DeepSpar hardware to be controlled by either DS Recovery Environment (DRE) or R-Studio [Technician] data recovery software.

1 830,00 €

Proprietary USB3 PCIe controller that works together with DS-4000 to allow imaging of unstable USB2/USB3 hard drives.

2 990,00 €

Allows DS-4000 to recover problematic PCIe SSDs, including M.2 M Key, 2013+ Macbook SSDs, and U.2.

380,00 €

Provides DeepSpar with the ability to display the current consumption graph of drives on 5V and 12V lines.

1 280,00 €

Adds the ability to remove unknown passwords from supported hard drives while retaining user data. Also allows for generation of forensic file reports.

580,00 €

Adds two extra ATA target channels for improving the imaging speed of healthy devices (up to 20%) and adding the ability to image to up to three drives at once.

1 990,00 €

Cloud-driven device built to help IT generalists and other non-specialized users recover client data from damaged or failing hard drives or SSD devices.